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GMA Essay
By Bruce Gonzalez, Outpost #8
Royal Rangers has become very important in my life being that I was born into a Christian family. At a young age I was introduced through the Royal Rangers program on how to live the way of the Lord, and I learned the meanings of the Royal Ranger symbol, code, motto, and the “Golden Rule”. These doctrines have taken a part in my heart and soul and has become the foundation not only in my spiritual life, but as well as my physical life. With this program I grew learning the things of God, that has helped me in my life to walk with Christ. The Royal Ranger code taught me to be alert mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually. Royal Rangers has taught me how to live right in the eyes of the Lord. Royal Rangers has also taught me how to live in the wilderness and how to survive. Out in the wilderness with God’s creations such as the trees, lakes, and animals it is peaceful enough to concentrate on the Lord even more. The Royal Rangers program doesn’t just teach boys how to camp out in the wilderness or how to tie knots, Royal Rangers is a way of life and it’s the life I want to live forever.