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District Advancement Training Camps (ATC) a success

     By the end of May, nearly 400 Royal Rangers had enrolled in the historic District Advancement Training Camps (ATC) throughout the district.  The district staff focused on the Pioneers Powder Horn and Bowie Knife ratings. The Trailblazers completed the requirements for the Second Class and First Class Ratings.  The boys received their pins and their diplomas during the ATC ceremony.  9 ATC 's were completed in the district.

     The purpose of the ATC is to give Pioneers and Trailblazers training in the following areas: 1.) Physical 2.) Mental 3.) Social 4.) Spiritual.  The advancement ratings focused on these 4 important needs in the lives of our Royal Rangers.  The classes were conducted indoors and outdoors depending on the nature of the training. The Royal Rangers slept in the church fellowship hall and the meals were ready-made.  At each ATC, a devotion was held on Friday night at around 11:00pm.