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Executive Committee

The Royal Rangers executive committee in the district recently attended the annual Royal Rangers National Council in Springfield, Missouri March 16-18, 2000.  All the 7 members on the executive committee made the trip to the National Council.
On Thursday, March 16,  the National Office staff conducted the district training workshops.  Danny Martinez and Joe Ruiz attended the FCF training; Daniel Belfort attended the Junior Academy Training; Peter Saens enrolled on Pow-Wow ideas.  Josafat Pereyra attended the session on public relations in the 21st century; Richard Garza attended the session on strategic planning and preparing for the 21st century; Joe Salinas enrolled on the session entitled Helping the Senior Commander.
In the evening of the same day, the Silver Eagle Banquet was held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center.  The banquet honors those district commanders who serve well in their district.  District Commander Richard Garza received the Silver Eagle award medal for the 25th consecutive year. The medal is awarded to District Commanders who accumulate at least 235 points during the calendar year.  No other district commander in the Assemblies of God has received this award these many times.
The business sessions were held Friday and Saturday. The main topic of discussion was the revamping of the total Royal Rangers program by September 2002.  The age groups will be named as the 1) Ranger Kids 2) Discovery Rangers 3) Adventure Rangers  4) Expedition Rangers.  The Royal Rangers leadership training course (LTC) will also be revamped by September 2002.  Overall the National Council was a great success.  Four hundred district leaders registered for the council .
Contact District Commander Richard Garza for more information.