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Welcome to the Gulf-Latin Royal Rangers Official Web Site

    Well it seems that the Gulf-Latin District has come of age in the technology generation. This Web site is intended to share information about our district with the Royal Rangers in our district, region, nation, and the entire world.
    In the near future, it will contain news from our District, your local outpost, and the latest edition of The Mariner Newsletter . With the power of the "net", we can deliver full color photographs of all the events covered.  

   This site will also offer downloadable clip art, lesson helps and devotions that will help in the development of the local outpost and we will make available to all the local outposts, the chance to have it's own web site.

    So please, take time to fill out our guest book on our Contact us page. Let us know what you think about our web site, what things you'd like to see, if you'll be interested in a website for your outpost, or if you already have a web site, let us know and we can make a link from our site to yours.

                  Richard Garza

Contact District Richard Garza for more information.